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About Us

Nikdugroup is an integrated National Waste Management Consulting firm . Our services include EPR audit & compliance, along with Social Impact. Our unique school programs are being sought after for bringing about social awareness and behavioural change in our future generation. Our social team are adept at creating CSR and Marketing campaigns and programs to take your messages to the target audience and enhance your organisation’s reputation.

High Public Health Standards

We prioritize the implementation of an efficient surveillance program for vector-borne diseases and the management of vector populations. We actively work towards shaping social norms that discourage littering and smoking in restricted areas, while also maintaining rigorous cleanliness protocols in public spaces. Our commitment to maintaining high environmental hygiene standards acts as a protective measure against environment-related diseases.

In addition to meticulously planning the provision of after-death facilities, we take charge of operating the public after-death facilities at this site. Our services encompass a range of options including cremation, burial, columbarium, and ash scattering, ensuring that the deceased are handled with utmost care and dignity.

Vibrant Hawker Culture

We undertake the development and management of hawker centres as thriving communal hubs, providing a diverse selection of affordable food options within a clean and hygienic setting. We are dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of the hawker trade by actively supporting training and skills development programs for both aspiring and established hawkers. Our aim is to empower them with the necessary knowledge and abilities to thrive in their trade, while also safeguarding their livelihoods and ensuring decent incomes.

Safe, Healthy and Conducive Living Environment

We have a comprehensive system in place to monitor and prevent air and water pollution, as well as regulate the handling of hazardous substances and toxic industrial waste. Our focus is on maintaining a high standard of environmental quality. This is achieved through strategic land use planning and the careful selection of industry locations, which helps to mitigate potential pollution risks. We also implement effective noise management measures to ensure a peaceful living environment for residents.

Furthermore, we prioritize the safety of the public, radiation workers, and the environment by taking proactive measures to protect against the harmful effects of radiation. Our stringent protocols and regulations are designed to minimize exposure to radiation and mitigate any potential risks. By doing so, we ensure the well-being and safety of the community and the preservation of the surrounding environment.

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